To help CEOs find the wiser path.

Connecting CEO wisdom to CEO performance. The weight of the entire organization rests on your shoulders. It’s time to shut the door to your office and make that decision. Turning to your leadership team is not an option, and it’s too early or too risky to engage the Board. The decision has to be made by you and you alone–in this space between your leadership team and the Board.


It’s clear there is a massive cost and human expense to making the wrong decision–the undo and redo can take years to recover from.


You need to ‘say it’ out loud. Debate and defend–ideate and craft it. Getting unbiased perspectives and gathering the wisdom to confidently forge a path. It’s why we exist. To help CEO’s find the wiser path, because when they can’t–everyone gets hurt.

We realized that CEOs needed advice from former CEOs to help navigate the space between their leadership team and the Board, so they wouldn't have to rely on strategy consultants who have never faced a Board or restructured their Leadership Team.​
So we created LEAP.​
We noticed that top strategy consultancies were not particularly interested in serving Canadian businesses in the $500 million to $5 billion range, as they wouldn't generate enough consulting revenue.​
So we created LEAP.​
We identified a rich pool of former CEOs with invaluable experience who were looking for alternatives to coaching and Board seats to remain active in the business world.​
So we created LEAP.​