"It's lonely at the top."
Ask any CEO

for CEOs

LEAP Strategy Partners is your access to a curated panel of former CEOs who focus exclusively on advising active CEOs on critical decisions that matter most to their businesses.

Operating as an independent, unbiased sounding board, our panel unlocks ideas and broadens perspective on options for confidently moving forward with leadership teams and the Board. ​

​Our former CEO Partners understand that:

    • CEOs are better served by advice from individuals who have actual experience running a business as a CEO.
    • There is a time and a place for templated consulting frameworks.
    • Your problem must be solved in the context of the whole business–with the levers and resources at hand.
    • You know how to run your business.

Their observations, insights and recommendations are presented in a written report easily digested and shared. Helping you navigate the space between your leadership team and the Board.

If you are a CEO or former CEO and would like to connect with LEAP Strategy Partners, please reach out.



To help CEOs find the wiser path, because when they can’t–everyone gets hurt.

We are often asked what’s the difference between LEAP and traditional consultancy firms, coaching and CEO networks so we created a short video to help explain.


This document outlines LEAP Strategy Partners’ engagement by Rock Metal Manufacturing to help their CEO, Tim Krogstad, as he grapples with the challenges of leading his firm in a new direction.