Imagine you’re facing a critical decision, on the horns of a dilemma, and someone offers you confidential, unbiased counsel and insights from a panel of current and former CEOs with substantive experience and expertise directly related to your situation.

This is the unique power of LEAP

for CEOs

LEAP Strategy Partners is uniquely structured to gather high-performing CEOs’ expertise, wisdom, and insights, and make them available to active CEOs who need and benefit from them.

LEAP has assembled an extraordinary group of CEOs and catalogued their experiences and assets utilizing our proprietary PanelBuilder methodology.

Our discovery process is designed to deconstruct and synthesize your challenge with precision. Once we gain a clear understanding of your current situation, PanelBuilder can deliver a LEAP Advisory Panel of aligned CEO expertise.


Your unique CEO Advisory Panel, aligned with your current challenge and focussed on your business.


Operating as a confidential, unbiased sounding board, LEAP Panels are facilitated by Execution Partners enabled by LEAP’s methodology to bring the Panel’s insights and CEO experiences together to produce high-impact results that fit into your business.

Our observations, insights, and recommendations, including dissenting opinions are presented in an interactive report that is easily digested, reflected on, and shared. Helping you execute effectively—confidently taking the LEAP to move your business forward.

LEAP Strategy Partners—CEOs advising CEOs on the critical decisions that matter most to their businesses.

Our Advisory Partners understand what it’s like to carry the weight and responsibility of being a CEO because they’ve been CEOs. They appreciate that each business is unique, and a CEO’s challenges are complex, nuanced and interconnected.

“The world is not simple—there is no one answer, and every smart person will not come up with the same answer.”

Understanding why smart people see the answer differently is of tremendous value, and that’s why we use a panel approach.


To help CEOs find the wiser path, because when they can’t–everyone gets hurt.

We are often asked what’s the difference between LEAP and traditional consultancy firms, coaching and CEO networks so we created a short video to help explain.


This document outlines LEAP Strategy Partners’ engagement by Rock Metal Manufacturing to help their CEO, Tim Krogstad, as he grapples with the challenges of leading his firm in a new direction.